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Graphic Designer, Front-end Developer

“I came to chew bubble gum and kick some pixel a**…and I’m all out of bubble gum!”

698 at the ready!

Hi there!

I’m G. Paul Bowes.

 I’m ready for action! With 10+ years of professional graphic design and 6 years of front end development experience.

I’m a very independent person, a fast learner and never fully satisfied. With my skills and experience I’m very confident I can be the producer of digital goods, your project or team needs. 

What’s 698?

Growing up drawing all the time in school and at home, I never liked or was satisfied with how I signed my name on stuff I did.  I messed around with ways to write my signature (which I now use for “formal” situations) but something always bothered me.

So one day I went into “outside the box” mode and wondered what my initials look like in numeric form. So I ended up with G = 6, P = 9, B = 8  and 698 was born.

Years later, I sign my art with just a 698 and have been using 698 Designs for my online presence.

Where I’m at now?

A founding member and lead Graphic and Front end Developer at Silvercrow Labs. We provide software and website development services and consulting, project management, strategic planning and security services and auditing for clients pre and post breach / hack. PCI compliance auditing and consulting.

Where do I want to be?

I’m guilty of dreaming of the future but do my best to live in the moment.  Pushing pixels and making web sites is great but I want to learn and do more. I like familiarity but want change.

I’ll be learning to be more proficient in JS, JQuery and Vue.js.  As well as wood working and welding.

Tablets and mobile phones are the present but the ever growing VR and “Smart” devices are the next future landscape we’re going into. AI is another exciting and scary realm that will be interesting to see how graphic design and UI / UX interaction come together

My Work Philosophy

I strive for making the best first impression possible, based on a foundation of intuitiveness and the latest practices and trends that are relative to creating a simple or complex design.

In other words, I work for a balance between what the client wants and what I know will work on a emotional level to grab and hold your attention.


Adobe Creative Suite
UI / UX Design
Java Script
Print Design
Free Hand Drawing
General Office Blah


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