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Graphic Designer, Front-end Developer

“I came to chew bubble gum and kick some pixel a**…and I’m all out of bubble gum!”

698 at the ready!

Hello there!

I’m G. Paul Bowes.

I’m an energetic, independent person, a fast learner and never fully satisfied. With my 14+ years of experience and wide range of skills, I’m very confident I can be the producer of digital goods, your  team or project needs. 

What’s 698?

Growing up drawing all the time, I never liked how I signed my name.

So one day it hit me to try something unique. So I ended up trying my initals as numbers. With G = 6, P = 9, B = 8  and 698 was born.

Years later, after signing all my art with just a 698 I decided to form 698 Designs for my professional online presence.

Where I’m at now?

Currently I have ventured into the printing and sign industry learning more about print and sign design as a lead designer and prepress technician.  Having years of print design I now get to put my hands on the production side of those designs.

As well, I’m also providing contract work for ecommerce marketing design and web development for clients.

Where do I want to be?

looking to steer back into more web and marketing design and development, joining a solid down to earth team or project, ready for action! Where I would be able to share and or lead with my experience and skills.  Not forgetting be able to learn new things and meet new people!

Also learning to be more proficient in JavaScript and Angular.  ….As well as wood working and welding.

My Work Philosophy

I strive for making the best first impression possible, based on a foundation of intuitiveness and the latest practices and trends that are relative to creating a simple or complex design.

In other words, I work to form a balance between what the client wants and what I know will work on an emotional level that grabs and holds your attention with out being too much or too little….Balance.


Adobe Creative Suite
UI / UX Design
Java Script
Print Design
Free Hand Drawing
General Office Blah


Web Design / Front End Development

Logo & Icon Design

Print & Packaging Design

Video Design

Projects & Personal Works